Vinyl windows and blinds - what a perfect combination

Replacement and decoration of windows is an integral part of the overall design of the apartment. Texture, colors and modern trends of decorating help a homeowner to create a truly unique interior design. Read more tips on choosing products for vinyl windows decoration provided by Atlanta interior designers.

Window decoration
There are four basic pillars: privacy, light control, functionality and style

How to decorate new windows right after replacement - this issue may become a reason of confuse even for experienced home interior decorators. How to start when such a huge variety of materials, fabrics, colors and accessories are at your disposal? Let us start: privacy, light control, functionality and style. Careful study of these four elements will help you with your designer ideas implementation and their rational combination will ensure all the necessary functional tasks fulfillment.

Part 1. Privacy is a must
Only people living in the woods, away from prying eyes do not need privacy when decorating windows. For the rest of the population privacy ensuring is a primary concern. To achieve this, you must choose opaque products for decorating. There are several good options to save your privacy:
- Roman and roller blinds, which cover the window completely
- Curtains and draperies, which also protect from prying eyes when closed
- Pleated and net blinds (made of non-woven materials)
- mini-blinds, wood blinds and shutters, which provide almost complete privacy privacy.

Part 2: Controlling Light
This factor includes two elements. Firstly, the suppression of bright light is necessary when someone is sleeping in the daytime or when watching TV, as well as when working at a table near the window. Second, ultraviolet rays from the bright sunlight ruin fabrics, furnishings and paintings in your home. Bright sunlight can quickly result in expensive upholstery and carpets wearing out.

Part 3: Functionality
Window dressing is actually useless without the element of functionality. It is necessary to consider the need for equipment, weigh the pros and cons, and only then make a purchase.

Part 4. Style
Style creation is pleasant part of windows decorating as during this process you are choosing the fabrics, colors and styles that will add beauty and splendor to your house.

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