How to properly select the blinds for your apartment?

Blinds every day are becoming increasingly popular element of the decor in the room, which outperforms conventional curtains and tulle in many respects. But how to choose the right blinds, so you will not regret about the wasted money? What should you look for in the first place?

After all, if you still prefer the thin curtains, you need to notice that they cannot protect the room from the sun and the dense and heavy ones block the access of air, are turning into a bunch of dust with the course of time and create utter darkness in the room. Blinds will please you and provide the uniform illumination, will not take too much space and thanks to a comprehensive spectrum, will be a bright touch to any interior and design solutions.

At the first glance, there is nothing complicated in choosing blinds for after replacement window in Sandy Springs or another types of vinyl windows.

You need to decided the type, color and then order the installation. But unfortunately, after installation you can expect a lot of surprise, such ass the classic fins do not fit or they are still allowing the natural light and expensive Roman shades are too fussy for the child's bedroom. But such incidents can be avoided by taking into account all factors when selecting blinds.

In order not to make the wrong choice, you need to to be aware of each type of blinds. There are not too many of them.

Today manufactures offer:
1. classic vertical or horizontal blinds;
2. roller blinds;
3. shutters (security shutters);
4. pleated blinds;
5. Roman blinds;

In the matter of blind control you also have the choice, you can either choose the mechanical or automatic mode. Mechanical control of the blinds is performed by using tape, that looks like a rope lace, spring or handle.

Special electric drives, with which the automatic blinds are equipped, will facilitate the process of managing and permit you controlling the blinds at the distance.

Choosing blinds should be guided by several main criteria - the color, direction, texture, material and size. For the apartments it is better to stop the choice on vertical or horizontal models of the blinds. Pay attention to the fact that conventional horizontal blinds are characterized by convenience and simplicity of use and they practically do not occupy space in your apartment.

The most dominant materials in the manufacture of blinds today are still metal, wood, fabric, plastic is less common nowadays. To impregnate the fabric blinds there is used special structure to provide proper anti-static quality and it prevents the accumulation of dust. Roller blinds represent a whole canvas, which folds into the appropriate box.
While choosing the material for the blinds, be sure to consider several factors:
• Polyester is getting dirty relatively rapidly and is easy enough to absorb moisture.
• You will also some problems with Jacquard: a few dry cleaners he can shrink.
• Plastic blinds are characterized by simplicity in service, cleaning, in addition, this material is resistant to odors and deformations.
• Wood blinds are considered the most environmentally friendly, but their value exceeds from the analogues made of other materials.
• The advantages of metal blinds include resistance to fading and loss of color, but note that they can rattle while the drafts.

What to consider when buying blinds for plastic windows?

To be absolutely sure of the correctness of the calculation of the size, it is better to resort to the assistance of a competent professionals, because most of blinds after purchase will be impossible to fix. But there are some proven pieces of advice that you should pay attention to before purchasing the blinds:

1. Vertical blinds can be fixed inside the opening and on the wall above the window;
2. The minimum distance between the vertical blinds and the floor is 5 cm;
3. Decide in advance how you will hang vertical blinds for example into the Roswell vinyl windows opening or overlapped. If you select an option of hanging the blinds into the window opening that will visually enlarge the room, but in this case the window sill will be occupied with the fins, if you are selecting the option of hanging the blinds in a lapped way that means, that the window sills will be free, but the window opening will be closed entirely;
4. If vertical blinds are attached to the wall, their width should be adjusted so that they peep into the window broad for fifteen centimeters;
5. If blinds are attached in the window opening, you need to remember, so the blinds did not touch the window sill you need to subtract 2 cm from the height in the calculation of their length;
6. Before ordering vertical blinds decide on which side they will be moving apart;
7. If you decided about the size, model of opening and installing of the blinds, you can safely order them. In order to perform your order it takes about one day, but the term can vary depending on the size and complexity of the work.

Alysa Baxter, construction expert gives recommendations about installing window blinds and how to replace windows in Alpharetta home and other cities of the USA.

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