How to decorate your apartment on a budget

Serious renovation of an apartment is not at all cheap. Especially if you live in a rent flat you don't really want to spend a lot of money. A change of scenery is sometimes necessary for all of us because we can tell how to change your interior with the little money.

1. The more boxes the more space. Often small things are kept in the cupboards, window sills and different stands, which clutter our room and complicate and wet cleaning because each object collects dust. If you put your creams, hair clips, varnishes into the separate boxes, you will make your life easier. It doesn't mean to arrange the box storage in your apartment, it will be enough 3-4 boxes with different offices and will have more space. You can easily buy or rent such box at Go Ez.

2. Add more plants. Don't run to extremes and don't turn your flat into an orangery. Choose the happy medium. Of course, there should be flowers and plants in the apartment, but their number should not go off-scale for ten, and they must be alive. For those who really don't like homemade plants the perfect solution is bamboo. It is growing rapidly and rather not whimsical. If you have a huge range of plants share with your family or friends.

3. The good smell of the flat. One of the most important organs of perception is our nose. Each scent is able to turn us away or draw our attention with incredible force. The smell of the flat can tell you a lot about the hosts. It is strongly recommended not to use chemical spray air fresheners, they smell not so nice and their smells are not worthy to destroy the Earth ozone and your lungs. The best options are coffee, herbs, aromatic oils and aroma candles.

4. More lightening. Any room seems cozier if it will be a lot of "warm" light. You can buy or rent floor lamp with a frame made of cloth in warm colors. Big mirrors also add the light into the room. Another great way to add warm light is to buy or rent curtains or blinds.

If you have no money at all, your desires can come true if you rent anything you want and after repayment this thing will be yours. So don't be afraid to change your interior and Go Ez.

Jenny Goodwin, expert in home renovation can help you to learn more about Go Ez financial products that can help you decorate your apartment according to your taste today.

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