How to clean the blinds

Dust is the main enemy of blinds. If the shutters are made of aluminum, then it is easy to take care of them, because their smooth surface is perfectly wiped and even washed. Some horizontal blinds may have anti-static and anti-dust coating. Soapy water in this case serves as an excellent tool for cleaning.

Horizontal blinds can be wiped with a damp cloth - each slat is cleaned separately moving from one side to another. Horizontal blinds can be washed to get rid of ingrained dirt. Assembled blinds are removed and washed in prepared soap solution: the bath is filled with warm water (not hot!), detergent and dishwashing liquid.

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Vertical blinds, however, like any other, can be vacuumed - there is even a special nozzle for a vacuum cleaner that makes a cleaning process less problematic, but still this method is one of the most labor-intensive and time-consuming. It is also possible to wash vertical blinds in the soapy water. Read more about how to choose the blinds properly.