How to choose the blinds properly

If you want to choose the blinds properly you need to pay attention to their functionality, but not just decorative qualities. Functionality is, primarily, a possibility to adjust the intensity of daylight in the room, and separate your home space from outside views. Well-chosen blinds for plastic windows can significantly brighten your home decor, as well as to emphasize it. But how to choose the needed model of blinds from our large selection of colors and textures. We will try to find the answer on this question in this article with the help of Toronto experts. Click here to look through the gallery of horizontal wood blinds offered by

The size of the blinds
It is very important to choose the blinds with suitable fasteners and of required size. If you have old windows with large openings, then the mount can be installed both insde the opening and on the outer side. If modern plastic windows are installed, then only outside mount is available.

Light control
Now think about light control and protection of property from prying eyes. Windows in bathrooms and bedrooms should be fully protected from the extra views. In this regard, horizontal blinds can provide a good protection. Thick, opaque fabric of horizontal or vertical blinds will provide you with calm day light, if the window is located on the sunny side. These curtains can completely prevent form day light penetration into the room. Correct choice of blinds and their proper installation involves the use of such an area, which would allow you to close the window completely and exclude the possibility of daylight penetration through the side slots. Modern models of blinds look like classic curtains, fit harmoniously into interior and match contemporary chandeliers.

Vertical blinds
If you want to install vertical blinds, then you need to take a look at models, which are easy to clean, it is especially important if you have children. Ask a consultant to tell you about ways to take care of the blind. Blinds made of aluminum and plastic are more waterproof and do afraid of high humidity than those made of fabric.

A few words about design. It is everything clear with the practical side, but what about the design? Today the choice of blinds can confound even well-versed person. The choice is simply enormous. The widest range of colors and textures offered in Toronto stores allows you to implement any design ideas. There are even methods of drawing pictures and photos on the blinds that will add individuality to your interior (fuse them with furniture, decorating elements and contemporary chandeliers).

Ashley Robertson in collaboration with home decoration experts from Casa Di Luce offering contemporary chandeliers in Toronto.

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