2" Horizontal Faux Wood Blinds

Our 2" horizontal faux wood blinds give you the best of both worlds! They have the look of luxurious real wood blinds at a price of about 15% less. Because faux wood blinds are made from a synthetic material, they also offer easy maintenance and care. Great in environments of high moisture or high humidity, so they are an ideal product for bathrooms, garages, kid's play areas, etc.

Faux wood blinds cannot  compare to wood blinds longevity but they do stand up well for the average homeowner. Some retailers will say that they are better than wood blinds but all you need is someone to explain the warranties behind each blind and what the warranty covers. Then you can make a educated decision!!!

Our Warranty for our Faux Wood Blinds is :

A limited lifetime warranty on the product due to the plastic having unique properties.

1. Each faux wood blind has only so many hours of uv protection. 

2. Each Faux wood blind has to be made with more ladders that hold the blind together because   of more bend and weight in the slat.

So we cover 100% the blind components in the headrail but not the slat material, you will only recieve the extruders warranty on slats. Warrantys like this hold true with some other companies that manufacture product and others may have NO warranty. So ask before you buy.

This warranty excludes abuse or damage of any kind that Carolina Contract Window Coverings deems to be customer wear and tear. Warranty is not tranferable.