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mission is to provide the with high quality products at great prices to both retailers and consumers.

Our Company has been in business serving the for 16 years

We offer:
2 inch faux wood custom made or stock sizes
2 inch wood blinds in custom made sizes
vertical blinds   (pvc styles only)
We offer Durashutters  (authorized distributer in NC and SC)

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864 25-6966 office
399 Aniwetalk Dr
Greenville SC 29609

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What goes into the making of a nice home? Warm colors on the walls, convenient radiant floor heating, luxurious furniture, antique fireplaces? Or is the wonderful atmosphere of a loving household evoked by the scent of cinnamon cookies coming in the kitchen or the heated driveways welcoming us home after a hard day at work? A comfortable home incorporates all of those things, but we also believe that a warm atmosphere can be recreated in any home with the help of using natural light, so window decorations are part and parcel of creating a truly unique atmosphere in your home. Our partner - Toronto Star Auto Glass can also make your windshield clearer and print the image you would like to see.

According to experts it is essential to pay your attention to window blinds and tinting options for a sun room. Today there are plenty of different window coverings to choose from for any style of home, budget and personal taste. We offer vertical and horizontal blinds that are customizable and take only a very short time to install. We believe in giving a choice to you, our customers, and work with both natural and faux wood, using a variety of finishes and colors to suit your preferences. Our products are durable and will last you many years of great functionality and style. You will always have a choice of whether to invite the sunshine in or keep it out, depending on your mood and the atmosphere you want to create. Make sure that our window treatments will add sophistication to your home and some real Nuheat floors warmth that cannot be bought for any kind of money.

We offer you to look at our video and see the work of our specialists for yourself. You can schedule an appointment with the dealer near y ou and our experts will be on their way to make the necessary measurements and get ready to add some welcome suntouch into your household. We want to put a smile on your face. And we know how to do it!

Every person wants to improve their house. One of the best ways to do that is to install new window blinds in Toronto which can become one of the best part of your house interior which will protect your house from sun rays.

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